How to look after your lash extensions in Summer


During the summer months, your clients will tend to take part in countless activities such as spending days to bask in the sun, enjoying time on the beach or in the pool, which result in poor lash retention if they don’t know how to take care of their eyelash extensions. Aside from taking care of our skin in summer, giving the lashes a good treatment is indeed essential. Therefore, as a professional wholesale eyelash extension supplies, CharmLash highly recommend five tips you can advise your clients to make sure their favorite lash extensions stay perfect are kept away from getting damaged during the hot summer months

1. Use sunscreen correctly 

Sunscreen is definitely an effective method to protect your lashes from any damage, especially during the summer. When applying sunscreen, you need to make sure to avoid the eye area and lashes as some brands have some ingredients which result in wreaking havoc on your lashes and cause poor retention.

2.Keep Sweat Off Your Lashes 


Sweat contains salt deposits and natural oils so when it has been left on your lashes for a long time, it can cause a crusty buildup. Whether you’re playing  any sports at the beach or garden, it’s helpful to wear a headband or some sort of towel to make sure to keep the sweat from dripping in your eyes.  

3. Avoid Extreme Heat 

You can protect those beautiful lashes by being aware whenever there is intense heat around you. Extreme temperatures can singe your lashes so whether you’re opening an oven door, or getting cozy by a fire, you need to stay cautious to not get too close at any cost 

4. Rinse Lashes After Swimming

Chlorine and salt water can affect considerably how long your lashes keep looking beautiful. We highly recommend you to rinse your lashes with fresh water after going swimming . As always, pat dry, don’t rub, the lash line to remove any excess water, and then brush through with a mascara wand.

5. Remove Makeup & Wash Lashes 

It is extremely crucial to keep your lashes clean. Using an oil free makeup remover to remove eyeliner, eyeshadow is a must. Using gentle facial cleanser or baby shampoo is a perfect choice since it will remove any dust, oils, buildup from makeup, or salt deposits from sweat or tears. Clean lashes will prevent premature lash shedding and keep that retention strong.

However, the first thing you need to do is choosing high quality and long-lasting eyelash extensions that suits your needs best. Therefore, taking care of your eyelash extension will become easier. At CharmLash, as a wholesale eyelash extension supplies, we offer a variety of best quality colorful eyelash extensions which are highly recommended for summer special occasions. 

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Let’s give the wonderful tips from CharmLash to your clients to make sure that they know how to keep their lashes healthy, durable and beautiful for summer fun. 

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