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Why you should choose brown eyelash extensions?

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You might have known that colored lashes can work on enhancing the beauty of your client’s eyes and satisfy your client’s different needs on special occasions such as night parties or costume parties. Brown lashes are no exception. Brown eyelash extensions are undoubtedly perfect for clients who desire to emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of their eyes on a daily basis because they cannot let go of the natural lash look. There is a growing demand in brown lash extensions for many good reasons and our article today will show you why brown lashes are trendy in the world of eyelash extensions

What’s the difference between C curl and D curl?


Eyelash extensions come in different sizes, thicknesses, colours and especially the degree of curl. Therefore, choosing the right lash extensions curl for clients is very important. While C curl and curl are known as the most popular curls in the eyelash extensions world, many lash artists still don’t know all the differences as well as the advantages of each curl. As a professional eyelash extension wholesale manufacturer with years of experience in eyelash extensions field, we will help you learn how C curl and D curl work so it will allow yourself to achieve endless opportunities with your lash creativity and create the most suitable lash looks for your clients

Colored lashes for winter festivals


Winter festivals are coming soon and all your clients are definitely looking for unique yet charming lash looks. While lash extensions are surely an ideal solution if your clients want to make their eyes appear bolder, sometimes regular matte black lash extensions don’t go far enough. For this reason, as a colored eyelash extensions supplies manufacturer, CharmLash created this beautiful collection of colored eyelash extensions for your clients to express their own personalities. Colored eyelash extensions not only enhance your client’s eyes even more than lashes in natural colors but also allow their eyes to stand out.

How to choose the right curls?


With all the various types of lashes from the thicknesses, lengths and curls of each one, it can be hard and confusing sometimes to choose the right lashes that will flatter and enhance your client’s features, especially curls. We all know how curls play an important role in forming desired lash looks. While clients may come in and tell you what curls they think will be the most suitable for them, there are actually many factors to take into account before making the final decision.

Popular lash maps that every artist should know


With such a wide variety in eyelash extensions, lengths, thicknesses and curls, it can easily lead to choosing fail-safe styles for your clients. That’s why no matter how long you have been a lash artist, lash mapping is an essential key to explore different looks and ensure you are creating the most suitable lash extension style for each individual eye shape. Undoubtedly, lash mapping also allows you to create perfect symmetry between the eyes when applying eyelash extensions.

Why lash artists should add colored lashes to their business?


It’s a common knowledge that new and different things tend to be always in high demand in beauty world and colored lashes are so exception. Colored eyelash extensions are definitely becoming a new trendsetter in the field of eyelash extensions and they are just used solely for Halloween costume parties anymore even though they are considered as best accessories which do make a costume pop.

Ellipse flat lashes benefits


Flat lashes are well-known as eyelash extensions with a flat and rhomboid base. Also known as cashmere flat lashes or ellipse flat lashes, they have a wide variety of beneficial qualities that make them different to conventional lashes.

What are Flat Lashes and why lash artists should use them?


Ellipse flat eyelash extensions come in a wide variety of curls, lengths and thicknesses. In addition, Ellipse Flat Lashes are ideal for any eye and style, the same as regular individual lashes. However, the basic difference between Individual Lashes and Flat Lashes is the base. As you know, the base of Ellipse Lashes is flattened. In other words, instead of having a round and circle base as another normal classic lashes, Flat Lashes have a flatter, oval base which makes the lash itself super soft and much lighter than the typical one.

Diameters in making volume lashes

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As expert lash artists know, eyelash extensions come in many different diameters. Due to their own unique natural lashes, clients will have different eyelash extensions needs. As a result, the diameter you choose for your clients will definitely depend on the lash looks they are going for and especially the lash technique you are doing. However, when your clients choose a mega volume lash look, you need to create volume lashes with the right lash measurements in mind because if you don’t, the eyelash extensions can end up not working well for your customers. As a professional eyelashes manufacturer for years, CharmLash will tell you some useful tips to create perfect volume lashes.

Trendsetter Secrets: What to Know About Neon Colors Eyelash Extensions

Neon Colors Eyelashes are able to fluoresce vividly and perfectly under UV and Black light. It will absolutely become the greatest accessory for your eyes if you are looking to compete in the fantasy of lash competitions.