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How to choose premade fan lashes?

Premade volume lash fans are ready made to save application time and ease frustration caused by making fans on the spot, which undoubtedly benefits both lash artists and clients. At CharmLash, we focus on 2D-12D volume lashes that come in a variety of lengths, curls and thicknesses so every lash artist is free to choose what kind of premade fan lashes suit the clients the most. It is also favorable among new lash technicians because it can save them from months of training with fanning lashes and serve more customers.

Why should you get colored lash extensions?

As a professional eyelash extensions wholesale manufacturer and supplier ourselves, CharmLash understands that colored eyelash extensions are absolutely the perfect solution to make your eyes look bolder, charming and seductive. It is because sometimes regular black lash extensions don’t go far enough, especially when it comes to special occasions such as costume parties.