“Eyes are the doorway to the heart”, CharmLash believes everyone has a unique way to become beautiful. It’s our duty to figure out how to produce the finest lash extensions for our precious clients. There are our favourite looks for different eye shapes:

Deep and hooded – We recommend C curl. Because these eye shapes are very similar and it’s the best to use longer lengths with a soft curl to make those eyes pop while holding its natural look.

Mono eyelid – For this eye shape we recommend L+ curl and it’s the most suitable to do volume. Normally, these eyes have extremely fine lashes so it’s best to keep shorter lengths.

Prominent – We suggest using short lengths and D curl to create a dramatic look.

Downturned – To lift up your look, we recommend using CC curl.

Close-set – Using CC curl or D curl with long lengths is the most suitable for these eyes shapes.

Almond – You can use any curl, length and thickness. But remember not to overweight your natural lashes!

Wide-set – For wide set, we recommend using C curl, and long lengths in the middle, shorter lengths to the corners.

Sometimes, CharmLash wishes figuring out eye shapes was this easy.