Eyelashes become more and more popular for daily use. It is a necessity to create beautiful frames around your eyes. There are a few steps that help you enhance your eyelashes in just a few minutes.

1 – Wash your face first. Please note that this step is very important.

2 – Using a mascara to curl your natural eyelashes before wearing the fake eyelashes in order to make the natural eyelashes fit enough with the false eyelashes

3 – The false eyelashes come on the lash tray, take it off carefully with a tweezer from the lash tray.

4 – You might have to trim the eyelashes because all of the eyelashes come in the same size and it may not fit for your eyes

5 – Put the glue on the lash band properly then wait for a few seconds before applying and this allows the glue to get tacky so your lashes will stick better.

6 – Put the lashes on gently.

7 – Tweaking gently to make the eyelashes fit your eyes and comb to make them look more natural.

That’s it. With just a couple of minutes, you now have a full, natural look.