Colored Eyelash Extensions – Ocean Blue



MOQ : 500 trays per order

Supply Ability: Customer can mix many curls, lengths and thicknesses in one order

Packaging Details: 10 plastic (paper) trays are packed into a small and white box, and 30 to 40 of small boxes are packed into a 5-layer carton box

Port: Ha Noi

Payment Terms: T/T, Wired Transfer, Western Union

Wholesale price:

Perfect Lashes, every time

If you’re looking for an unique way to make your eyes look seductive and standing out, Ocean Blue eyelash extensions are perfectly designed to serve your purpose. It is our newest release and has remained as one of our best sellers. Ocean Blue lashes will go beyond simply enhancing  your eye’s color. They not only add definition to your eyes but also allow you to express your own personality.

They are totally perfect for any upcoming special occasion such as summer holiday, camping out, events or any wedding or birthday parties. Ocean Blue eyelash extensions are an accessory you can wear anytime. If you want to spice up your look a little, try out Ocean Blue eyelash extensions.

✓ Made of high quality and long-lasting Korean PBT Fiber

✓ Soft, lightweight, and natural-looking

✓ No glue residue left on the lashes

✓ No kink, knot free, not sticking to neighboring lashes

✓ Stable curl: Lashes are durable and hold curl over time

✓ Straight tips

✓ Custom eco-friendly packing box

✓ Custom private labels

✓ Custom curls, thicknesses and lengths as your demands

✓ Silver Foil Backing or Coated Paper Label : Easy to remove

✓ Vegan, cruelty-free eyelash extensions

✓ Formaldehyde-Free, Latex-Free

✓ Reasonable wholesale price