CharmLash Eyelash Extensions
As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), CharmLash puts quality above. And that’s why we choose our main material PBT fiber (poly-butylene-terephthalate) which has been used widely for a long time for our product. So you can feel soft, light and most natural. Thanks to its firmness, it can hold its original form even after a period of time using. It won’t cause any health risks to your eyes when applied or being harmful to animal and pollute the environment.

CharmLash manufactures mink and silk false eyelash extensions by cutting the desired lengths and curving them to the correct angle.

Curls: I, J, B, C, CC, D, L, and L+.

Length: 4mm ~ 20mm.

Thickness: 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20, 0.25, and 0.30mm.

We supply two types of eyelash extensions:

Mink: You may notice some call them Real Mink because they’re taken from mink tail. Real Mink can cause allergy to your eyes so we don’t have them (we against animal cruelty). Our Mink is made 100% from PBT fiber which intimates softness, light and fluffy like Real Mink.

Silk: Is made from PBT too. Silk comes in a variety of curls and lengths. These types of extensions also hold their curl making them better for clients looking for a more natural look. Silk is a little glossy and has a rich black color.

CharmLash produces carefully and creatively so eyelash extensions can come in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curls, they are most popular with ladies wanting a natural, bright and glamorous look. They hold their curls for a long time extremely well due to their firmness.

CharmLash guarantees you that your clients will feel so light, soft and the most important is natural as others look at your client, they will never notice your customer has an extension.

Our products are called eyelash extensions trays made from PBT fiber and are totally 100% handmade by experienced workers and are designed by the young creative team. It only takes our team members 2-5 days to transfer the idea to samples.

The advantages of our eyelashes: it’s so thin, soft, glossy and firm. It will make your customer look natural that they think they were born with full and beautiful eyelashes.

We, CharmLash – manufacturer of Vietnam, present you our products:

Casual eyelash: Is applied individually to one natural lash. Come with a variety of curls, lengths. Popular and suitable for everyone. Recommended for who wants to have a natural and charming look but no feeling about the heaviness on the eyes.

Mixed Lengths Eyelash: Various lengths in one case. Coming handy on many purposes.

Flat eyelash: Makes your clients look more dramatic and more glamorous. Also thanks to its firmness, it can maintain your client’s beauty for a really long time

Volume eyelashes: To clients with poor eyelashes, Volume is a really good choice. After being applied, your clients will look rich and much more beautiful than before. We support 2D, 3D, 4D and more.

Colorful eyelash: We support colors like red, white, black, blue, green and kinds of colors. It will make your eyes twinkle, colorful, trending and fashionable. Coming in perfect in some special case.

Loose individual lashes have a large number of lashes. May contain mixed lashes, volume lashes so you can use easily to make more stylish.

Depend on your customer age, look and shape choosing suitable lashes will bring your customer the full beauty.

CharmLash with 3 years experienced in OEM and owns a large factory. CharmLash is gladly to take order for your private label. Contact us and order premium fake eyelash extensions that can enhance your business.

We also welcome your ideas. If you have any idea, contact us. We will make your idea become true. With a team of experts, we can turn your idea into the sample on 2-5 days. The fastest you can find in this field.