Two-tones Eyelash Extensions


There’s a saying: “You get what you pay for”. Currently, a lot of people are still looking for low quality, cheap eyelash extensions but don’t realize how harmful or how uncomfortable it is to the eyes, one of human’s most important possessions. In our case, CharmLash offers and provides the top tier quality eyelash extensions that come at a reasonable price. Our products are made of a special PBT material, imported 100% from Korea, which will help our client to feel the softness, lightness, smoothness and most importantly, a natural look that they are logging for. Please rest assured that CharmLash will only provide the best possible products and services!!!

  • 16 lines based per tray (can be customized)
  • Made of Special PBT Fiber imported from Korea, friendly to the environment and is not causing any harm to animals
  • CharmLash’s lashes are more rigid in shape and slightly thicker throughout the lash
  • Giving out that deep black color vibe
  • Curl Type (listed from the least amount of curl to the curliest): I, J, B, C, CC, D, L and L+
  • Many kinds of colors available: White, red, pink, yellow, black-brown, red-brown, white-red, etc.
  • Dimension: 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and etc.
  • Width (listed from the thinnest to the thickest): .03, .05, .07, .10, .12, .15, .18, .20, .25
  • Length (listed from the shortest to the longest): 6mm up to 18mm or mix lengths

Why should you use our products?

The desire to become more attractive is in our nature. As human beings, we consider this as a necessity and a way to boost our self-confidence in the modern world. Make-up is one way to do it. However, these are long processes with a lot of difficulties and challenges, to begin with.

Nevertheless, there are many other ways that can help our client feel confident about their look. CharmLash can offer one solution to do so: using false eyelash extensions. That’s right. “Eyes are the window to the soul”. Who wouldn’t want a charming, full of depth eye that can capture others by just looking at it?

Now, there are many benefits if ones use false eyelash extensions. Firstly, it will add more volume, depth and enhance the beauty of your eyes overall. The false eyelash is extremely lightweight and has a natural feel to it so it won’t bother you for using it. Furthermore, it is water resistant and does not damage your real lashes. Finally, you can customize your look by choosing one or more items in our wide range of choices.