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Perfect Lashes, Everytime

Top quality J curl synthetic Mink Eyelash Extension lashes!.  They are matte black, light weight, easy application. J curl lash is mostly perfect lashes for all your clients. The lashes are synthetic lashes supplied in a tray of 8/12/16/18/20 lines.

These lashes are gaining in popularity as lash artists realize the great value and quality! Softer and blacker, CharmLash lashes  are sure to be a favorite.  

      Made of high Korean PBT fiber quality 

      Soft, light weight and natural looking

      Lash are durable and hold curl over time

      Straight tips

      Custom packing box

      Custom private labels

      Custom curls as your demands

      Matte black, no greenish and blueish

      Soft and natural looking

      Non sticky adhesive tape, quick and easy to pick up

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