Private label eyelash extensions service is always available. We have professional designers to help you design your own private label for free. You only need to give us your logo, we will give you a custom private label as request 

Each of our customer deserves the special service and CharmLash is the best recommendation for creating private label eyelash for your business.

12 lines label

16 lines label

16 lines label

20 lines label


We customize boxes as request, including classic plastic boxes, premium plastic boxes and paper boxes

We understand that eyelash packaging box is necessary for any brand so if you cooperate with us, we will help you to create the most compelling and distinctive eyelash packaging boxes. Especially, our design service is completely free for all our valued customers 

1.Premium plastic boxes 

We offer various kinds of colorful eyelash packaging boxes such as gold, black, white, transparent, pink and silver boxes made of high-quality plastic 

Premium gold plastic box

Premium pink plastic box

Premium black plastic box

Premium transparent plastic box

Premium white plastic box

Premium silver plastic box

2.Classic Plastic Boxes

We also provide many kinds of classic eyelash packaging boxes such as gold, black, white and transparent boxes made of colorful plastic 

Classic gold plastic box

Classic black plastic box

Classic white plastic box

Classic transparent plastic box

3.Paper Boxes

Our paper box is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. We supply many colorful boxes with different sizes according to our customer’s request 

We have helped a lot of clients set up their brand of success and we will dedicate to your service by our utmost efforts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, our team is ready to go to work with you.