Trendsetter Secrets: What to Know About Neon Colors Eyelash Extensions

Neon Lash Extensions are specifically designed for the ones who want to create the most unique look for their eyes. Unarguably, Neon Eyelash Extensions are the ideal solution if you want to make your eyes stand out perfectly, which is definitely something regular colored lashes can’t offer. It’s also suitable for costume parties or special events. If you are a true trendsetter, you need to take advantage of this latest trend before it becomes so popular in the eyelash extensions field.

So what is exactly Neon Lash Extensions and why it will most likely become a mainstream in the eyelash extensions field, let’s find out with CharmLash

What are Neon Lash Extensions?

Charmlash’s Neon Lash Extensions are made of Neon PBT Fiber which is imported directly from Korea, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Like other kinds of our eyelash extensions, our Neon Eyelashes are soft, lightweight and come in a wide range of curls, thicknesses, lengths and colors to suit any special occasion.

However, what makes Neon Colors Eyelashes different from normal Colored Lashes is that Neon Colors Eyelashes are able to fluoresce vividly and perfectly under UV or Black light. It will absolutely become the greatest accessory for your eyes if you are looking to compete in the fantasy of lash competitions.

Why will Neon Lash Extensions become mainstream in the future?

Due to its unique feature “glowing in the dark”, Neon Lash Extensions are predicted to dominate the eyelash extensions field in the future. Not to mention that, Neon Eyelashes not only go beyond simply enhancing your eye color but also add definition to your own eyes and allow you to show up your personality. In addition, CharmLash’s UV Neon Lashes also have all the advantages of regular colored eyelash extensions, including increasing the volume of length of your eyelashes and eliminating the need for colored mascara.

As a professional leading eyelash extension wholesale manufacturer and supplier from Vietnam, Charmlash provide all kinds of Neon Eyelash Extensions, such as Neon Red Eyelash Extensions, Neon Pink Eyelash Extensions, Neon Blue Eyelash Extensions, Neon Orange Eyelash Extensions, Neon Yellow Eyelash Extensions, Neon Green Eyelash Extensions and Mixed Colors Eyelash Extensions.

CharmLash also customize any lengths, thicknesses and curls as requests, including special curls as L, L+, M, V and LD. Mixed color trays are also acceptable. Please take a look to choose what neon lash extensions suit you best.

vendor for lashes - Neon Red Eyelash Extensions

Neon Red Eyelash Extensions

vendor for lashes - Neon Orange Eyelash Extensions

Neon Orange Eyelash Extensions

vendor for lashes - Neon Green Eyelash Extensions

Neon Green Eyelash Extensions

Neon Blue Eyelash Extensions

vendor for lashes - Neon Pink Eyelash Extensions

Neon Pink Eyelash Extensions

Neon Eyelash Extensions

 Rainbow Neon Colors Eyelash Extensions

Neon Yellow Eyelash Extensions

Neon Eyelash Extensions

Fresh Neon Colors Eyelash Extensions

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