You can keep your eyelash extensions for more than three months

If an eyelash trainer tells you after having an extension it can keep more than 3 months, then you must raise your awareness. Any eyelash can long time or even permanently stay is not trustworthy.

With ideal conditions, eyelash extensions can last 3 months but if eyelash extensions are exposed to weather every day, it can only last no more than 2 months.

You do not need a professional eyelash beautician to get an extension. WRONG!

To do an extension, it requires very professional techniques and experiences. To stick every single false lash, skillful and focus are required. If not, you might not have the eyes style as you expected or even worse, your eyes are damaged.

Cheap Eyelashes also have a good effect.

“You get what you pay for”. Paying for a cheap eyelash is not always a good choice. There are many low price eyelashes but when it comes to quality, they lack standard: softness, smooth, lightness, have dim color and lack of natural look. Why? – Because those eyelashes are made by using cheap material which would harm your eyes badly.

Our Company Eyelashes are made by using the best Korea material in the market: Korean PBT Fiber and through strictly production to produce the finest quality eyelash extensions: safe and comfortable to wear.