Diameters in making volume lashes

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As expert lash artists know, eyelash extensions come in many different diameters. Due to their own unique natural lashes, clients will have different eyelash extensions needs. As a result, the diameter you choose for your clients will definitely depend on the lash looks they are going for and especially the lash technique you are doing. However, when your clients choose a mega volume lash look, you need to create volume lashes with the right lash measurements in mind because if you don’t, the eyelash extensions can end up not working well for your customers. As a professional eyelashes manufacturer for years, CharmLash will tell you some useful tips to create perfect volume lashes.


You might have known that volume lashes are thinner lash extensions made into fans that consist of anywhere from 2 to 10 lashes per fan. After making fans, each voluminous fan is applied to one individual natural lash to create a mega lash look. On the other hand, the diameter is the width of the lash. The higher the diameter, the thicker and heavier an extension is. Therefore, each diameter you choose for your volume lashes can end up looking natural or dramatic depending on the amount of lashes you put into each fan. The most popular and appropriate diameters used for volume lashes are from 0.03 to 0.07


0.03: This diameter is ideal for creating Mega Volume fans. When you use this diameter to fan lashes, you need to keep in mind that 15-20 eyelashes per fan are perfect. Because 0.03 lashes are very thin you will need many of them to create a noticeable fan.

0.05: This diameter is a perfect in between diameter. You can use up to 10 eyelashes per fan.

0.06 & 0.07: This diameter is the most commonly used. You can use up to 6 eyelashes per fan on these. The most common is to use 4D and 5D.

0.10: This diameter is the thickest width you can use for volume lashes. Do not use more than three 0.10 lashes on a single, natural lash because it’s so heavy and will cause serious damage to your client’s natural lashes.

Moreover, as a professional eyelashes manufacturer, we also highly recommend our Easy Fan Volume Lashes when making volume fans. This kind of lashes is an amazing time saver compared to Individual Lashes and you will surely love it. The unique sticky base of our Easy Fan Lashes prevents lashes from falling apart after picking up while allowing you to create perfect mega volume fans within seconds.


CharmLash really hope that you can use these useful tips we highly suggested to make the most perfect and voluminous lashes for your own clients.


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