B eyelash extension curl:

This is the most natural eyelash extension curl and is great for bonding a subtle look. The base of the B curl is relatively straight and the curl is gradual, gently opening up the eye without too much lifting. B curls are great for those clients searching for a very natural look, but we would not recommend for those with straight or down natural lashes as their gentle curl can drag down the lashes.

For clients: ‘The B curl is a very natural option if you’d like your curl to mimic your natural lashes. It looks is not very dramatic.’

C eyelash extension curl:

The most popular eyelash extension curl with the widest variety of uses, the C curl is a great choice for the majority of eye shape, help the eyes look wider and more awake. Depending on the thickness and length, C curls can be styled to look very natural or dramatic.

For clients: ‘The C curl is great for opening up your eyes, while still maintains its natural.’

D eyelash extension curl:

A very dramatic choice, the D curl equates to almost a half-moon shape. D curls really suit those who are looking for a thick lash look. The drama of a D can come with a cost, however; due to their semi-circular shape, there is less extension length for the natural lash to bond to, making them harder to retain.

D curls are not recommended for those with naturally large eyes or hooded eyes

For clients: ‘The D curl is the most dramatic curl if you want your eyes to look very open. And due to extreme shaping, it will not last as long as a C or B curl.’

You can always mix curls for great effect.