Why do girls love eyelash extensions ?

As eyelash extension salon supplies, let’s find out some interesing reasons with CharmLash to know why many women can’t live without eyelash extensions

Nowadays, there are more and more people using eyelash extensions since it will beautify their eyes, make people’s eye look bigger, brighter and more glamorous. It is true that charming eyes are considered as a key to capture the soul. As a result,  it’s not surprising when many people are inseparable from eyelash extensions. 


1.When you eyes look good, you feel good

With CharmLash’s eyelash extensions, you will undoubtedly look and feel better, especially whenever you always feel envious the models and celebrities on TV or those with long, thick and full lashes. Eyelash extensions immediately dramatically enhance the beauty and charm of your eyes, hence boosting your confidence. Your eyes will not only look bigger, brighter but also more youthful and seductive. Also, the CharmLash’s eyelash extensions will bring out the color of your eyes.

2.Feel comfortable 

CharmLash’s eyelash extensions look natural and lightweight, you will most likely forget that you are wearing them. After the first 48 hours, you can go about your business as normal. You can even swim and shower with zero damage to your false lashes.

3.Save time and money 

You will have time to spare. No more rushing in the morning to put on your makeup and get out the door. You can sleep in a little longer, because CharmLash’s eyelash extensions naturally frame and emphasize your eyes, so curling your lashes and applying eye makeup is really not necessary anymore. Also, you don’t have to bother taking off eye makeup once the day is done.

You can also save money. Since CharmLash’s eyelash extensions look good on their own, you don’t have to buy tubes of mascara to bring out your lashes. As a result, you can save the money and use it for another proper purposes.

4.Easy to maintain the look of lashes 

After getting initial eyelash extensions, all you have to do is maintain the look by getting touch-ups, or so-called fills every 2 to 3 weeks. Filling is not time-consuming, just about 30 minutes, you will leave the salon knowing that your lashes look as fabulous as you feel.

Here, at CharmLash, as eyelash extension salon supplies, we also offer many different kinds of eyelash extensions, including individual eyelashes, easy fans eyelashes, ellipse flat eyelashes, premade fans eyelashes to colorful eyelashes. Our eyelashes are made from high quality and long-lasting Korean PBT Fiber which is cruelty-free and eco-friendly. It will undoubtedly make your eyes more charming, seductive but still have natural looking : 


Individual Eyelash Extension 


Multi Colors Eyelash Extension 


Mixed Colors Eyelash Extension

Neon Colors Eyelash Extension 


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