First of all, check if each eyelash extensions box must be sealed tightly before opening. If it is not, please restrain from using.


Light, soft, smooth and natural is the key when we choose eyelash, whatever the mink lashes or silk lashes or sable lashes. If possible, you should test before buying it.

Lengths and Curls

Trustful brand eyelashes should be suitable for the overall market. Quality eyelashes have different kinds of lengths, 4 kinds of popular curls: J, B, C, and D. They can hold their curls after you try to straighten.


Good own brand eyelashes should be able to provide any kinds of thicknesses. From 0.03mm to 0.25mm and most popular is 0.07mm.

Be suspect to those have dim colors.
With a variety of lengths, curls, colors, and thicknesses, you will be able to obtain many styles.