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The benefits of pre-made fans


It has been a long time since premade fans volume lashes were introduced to the lash market and they have evolved so much with the latest technologies. They have come in different dimensions (3D to 14D) and diameters (0.03 to 0.1) and all of these types of lashes are already available on the market. They even look more perfect than handmade fans in terms of symmetry and spacing between lashes. Therefore, it is not surprising when premade fans have become so popular among lash artists

Why you should choose brown eyelash extensions?

Brown eyelash extensions-eyelash extensions wholesale manufacturer-lash vendor-Korean PBT fiber cruelty-free-colored lashes- lash wholesale manufacturer.jpg

You might have known that colored lashes can work on enhancing the beauty of your client’s eyes and satisfy your client’s different needs on special occasions such as night parties or costume parties. Brown lashes are no exception. Brown eyelash extensions are undoubtedly perfect for clients who desire to emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of their eyes on a daily basis because they cannot let go of the natural lash look. There is a growing demand in brown lash extensions for many good reasons and our article today will show you why brown lashes are trendy in the world of eyelash extensions