Ellipse flat lashes benefits


Flat lashes are well-known as eyelash extensions with a flat and rhomboid base. Also known as cashmere flat lashes or ellipse flat lashes, they have a wide variety of beneficial qualities that make them different to conventional lashes. Additionally, they also allow your clients to achieve a fuller lash look without adding any weight to natural lashes.


As their name suggests, cashmere flat lashes are flat and oval-shaped at the base, whereas standard lashes are rounded. A flat base means a larger and wider surface area, which means the extensions bond more effectively with the natural lashes. Better bonding will allow lashes to stay in place for a longer time.

They’re also lighter, causing less damage to the natural lashes. Flat lashes are intended to be used alongside other types to enhance volume and texture.

Let CharmLash help you find out three best benefits that Flat Lashes can offer



A common problem which lash artists often face is dealing with lash clients who have short and thin lashes but at voicing the desire for thick, bold and dramatic lash lines. Their natural lashes simply aren’t able to achieve the look they are going for with classic lash techniques alone and can’t carry the weight of conventional lashes. Since natural lash health is a number one priority for lash artist professionals, this is where Ellipse lashes come to play. Due to the shape of flat lash extensions, flat lashes can achieve a fuller and dramatic lash look without adding any extra weight to natural lashes. The added width will create darkness in the lash line that normal classic lashes can’t do on their own.



Another great advantage these flat lash extensions bring is mega lash texture. As a lash artist, you can play with the design of your sets using Ellipse flat lash extensions. You can sprinkle some longer ones into a classic set to add depth and create a Kim K-esque masterpiece or you can simply sprinkle them into a volume set to break up the fluff with a little definition.



A common thing every lash artist should know is that the base of lash plays an important role in lash retention. It’s widely known that if the base of the extension isn’t properly adhered to the natural lash, the extension will most likely pop off in a few days, if not a few hours. The wider base of Ellipse lashes guarantees that you get a good bonding surface to the natural lash. Many customers have reported an increase in retention when using flat lashes because of the flatter base.


As a professional Ellipse Flat Lashes vendor, Charmlash offers high-quality Flat Lashes made of premium Korean PBT Fiber for all of our valued customers so you all can help your clients to obtain the best lash look that they are going for.


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