The desire to become more attractive is in our nature. As human beings, we consider this as a necessity and a way to boost our self-confidence in the modern world. With this in mind, CharmLash has been founded by two young Vietnameses.

CharmLash is an international false eyelash extension manufacturer and supplier that provide the best quality and the most innovative product in the field.

Spending countless hours on researching and testing, we have finally produced individual lashes to a near perfection, 99% similar to a natural eyelash to provide our clients the best possible products and services: soft, comfortable, smooth and natural. CharmLash believes our eyes, one of our most precious possessions, should never be compromised by inferior products.

How eyelash extensions by Charmlash are different?


We have a young, passionate and talented team that always keep up with the latest trends in eyelash extension design.  When an idea comes up, it only takes our team 2-5 days to transform it into a magnificent design sample, the fattest that one can find in this field.

We also welcome and appreciate customer’s design, idea and creativity. Feel free to contact us, we will make sure to provide the best possible products and services. Let’s do business together.


CharmLash’s eyelash extensions are certified by the most trusted organization – The Korea Certification Mark.

Ingredients: Through selective selection, CharmLash uses Korean’s high-quality PBT (poly-butylene-terephthalate) synthetic fiber as the main material.

Facility: Our facilities are set up with high tech equipment. Both of our ingredients and facilities are imported from Korea.

Quality: We have our own quality control team that always checks carefully to ensure all lashes meet the standard requirements before packing and delivering.

Price: We believe that we offer the most reasonable price for high quality products.

CharmLash also provides high quality eyelash trays. Our products come in a wide variety of types: Mink and Silk with changeable features such as curls, thicknesses, lengths and colors to suit all of our client’s requests.

When request services from us, rest assured that the products/services are delivered by the top tier company in the field of eyelash extensions.


CharmLash also provides services OEM (original equipment manufacturing), ODM (original design manufacturing) and private label. We also provide after sale customer service.